Our Way

At Tenzing we provide a completely tailored, bespoke individual portfolio management service. From portfolio construction, monitoring and re-balancing, a client’s portfolio will always be managed within the strict constraints of his/her risk profile, return objectives and preferences.

Portfolio strategy and performance are reviewed, in detail, with the client at the end of every quarter. Additionally, performance valuations and commentary are sent to the client at the end of every month.

Investment and security selection

Most of our asset allocation is done through international mutual and exchange traded funds. We use a 5-pillar approach to select an investment fund for client portfolios. This includes detailed analysis of a fund’s historical risk-adjusted returns, independent fund ratings from external research groups, portfolio profile and sector allocation as well as objectives and current price/NAV vs historical high evaluation.

Risk Management

Portfolios are managed in accordance with a client’s risk profile, which is obtained through completing a detailed questionnaire and identifying specific time horizons, as well as income and liquidity needs. Allocating client funds to various asset classes is also an important part of our risk-management process, as well as tailoring portfolio volatility to the individual’s profile.