Employee Retirement Schemes

Rapid economic expansion and the ever-increasing demand for trade with companies in the Asia-Pacific region have led to an unprecedented number of foreign-owned businesses & SMEs opening their doors in the region.

To remain competitive, companies have to recruit the best domestic and foreign talent, which requires adding benefits to a company’s recruitment offering.

Employee Retirement Schemes

Why Set-Up An Employee Retirement Scheme?

  • Leverage recruitment offering. Hire better talent
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Keep employees for the long-term
  • Employees are more motivated as they are “invested” in the company, hence more productive.
  • Structure benefits to suite your company’s budget
  • It’s easier than you think

How Can Tenzing Assist?

  • We facilitate structuring of corporate retirement schemes through 3rd party trustee in HK.
  • Tenzing provides a portfolio management service. We perform analysis and assist with investment decisions to ensure that the retirement funds meet the company’s required rate of return. Take a look at our model portfolios & choose a strategy which suites your company.
  • Set-up your employee benefits scheme from anywhere in Asia
Employee Retirement Schemes