US Tax Advisory Services

We realize that many US passport holders living abroad are worried about their IRS compliance status after passage of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. If you have any money or assets abroad, and would like to find out if you are compliant, or require assistance with tax filing at year-end, we would be happy to assist via our US tax advisory service, where we are able to provide:

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Tax Specialist

A complimentary consultation with our US based CPA and tax specialist.

Off/Onshore Assets

A full review of your offshore and onshore assets to ensure you are completely compliant.

Low-Cost Index

Recommendations on tax-efficient investment strategies, including: tax-loss harvesting & low-cost index funds.

our expertise

US tax advisory services

Maia Russell - US TAX ADVISER

Maia is a native of the United States. Maia has three years of investment experience and ten years of professional experience in the United States. Maia advises clients on tax compliance, strategies, and planning.

Kindly let me know if you would like to have a brief chat with our tax adviser next week, or require assistance with any form of compliance. We will arrange a time to speak with you via Skype, telephone or in-person, or simply book a meeting here.